In the suggestive setting of the Ancient Theater of Catania

A New Life for the Ancient Theater of Catania, thus the Amenanos Festival was born:

like islands in the sea, separated on the surface but connected in the depths, the Amenanos Festival landed at the Ancient Theater of Catania, in a slow but continuous movement, towards each other, like magnets that attract each other, they met and they have generated a single land.

Each stone of our legendary island is the holder of History and Tradition; the city of Catania is full of them having one of the most evocative Ancient Theaters, set in the beating heart of the Etna capital.

The DIDE Cultural Association of Michele Di Dio, (the latter acronym of the paternal surname Di Dio and of the maternal Dell’Aria surname.) in recent years has reached important milestones in various Sicilian archaeological sites of extreme beauty, organizing cultural events that have had a remarkable response from public and popular, assisted by Michele Di Dio Management.

And this is precisely the purpose that the Festival's Production had set itself: to give back to the City of Catania and a heterogeneous public the possibility of regaining possession of the ancient splendors of this glorious theater with extraordinary potential that is not fully expressed and which returns to speak with a persuasive voice. to the community and tourists through a billboard and cast of national and international excellence.

The Artistic Billboard is a time travel that starting from the Greek Tragics, a fundamental point of our programming, arrives at the Latin and Shakespearean works.

Entering an eighteenth-century palace, with a Greco-Roman heart, you come across a unique place in the world, where it is still possible to contract time and travel through the centuries of the Greek, Latin and Shakespearean myth without upsetting its essence.

The choice of bringing together the great Greek tragedians: Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides with the great Latin poets and the English playwright William Shakespeare is also suggested by the conformation of the Theater itself that embraces what is most appropriate to it, creating a never dissonant union while traveling millennia of history.

Negli anni il pubblico dell’Amenanos Festival si è notevolmente ampliato, grazie:

  • a preziose collaborazioni
  • al coinvolgimento di studenti, con una sezione interamente dedicato al mondo della Scuola, Amenanos Neos Festival dei Giovani “Concetta Oliveri”
  • to the great artistic quality present

The already valuable director of the Sicilian east coast has thus been enriched, which together with the two nearby illustrious theaters, Syracuse and Taormina, represents, for cultural promotion and public turnout, an Italian unicum not found in any other geographical area of the Mediterranean.

Produttore e Direttore Artistico: Michele Di Dio.

The Theater speaks and you have to know how to listen to it; so the Ancient Theater of Catania suggested us which direction to follow to make the most of its characteristics.

Michele Di Dio, produttore generale.